From the first minutes of the game, “Boom Brothers” slot machine seems to be very fascinating. Every rotation is a real opportunity to break the jackpot! The game provider, NetEnt Company, is well known in the field of gambling technologies. The company attracts highly qualified specialists to work in all related fields. This is not surprising, because to create an interesting product for the players, which will look good and work, without this it is impossible.
Work on the http://slotmine.com/boom-brothers-slot/ by NetEnt lasted several months. So, we see an excellent result. “Boom Brothers” pleases the eye and wallet. The main advantages of this slot:

  1. Simple and addictive gameplay;
  2. High-quality drawing of images;
  3. Bright effects;
  4. A variety of winning combinations;
  5. Absolute unpredictability of the results;
  6. Solid even by today's standards payout.

Interesting Features

The slot "Boom Brothers", in comparison with others, has a number of advantages:

  • A high percentage of payments (starting from 95), which significantly increases the chances of the player to receive a valuable prize;
  • Impeccable graphic execution, which is guaranteed to please even the most experienced customers of online casinos;
  • A fascinating plot, exciting attention from the first seconds of the game;
  • Full Russification of the slot machine, so it is understandable for any Russian-speaking user;
  • High-quality music support. From the bowels of the caves comes the deafening roar of wooden wheels, the sounds of working picks, which even more immerses in the legendary world of gold diggers;
  • Clear thinking of the art and color design of the interface;
  • Simple rules, accessible instructions - suitable for beginners and experienced visitors of gambling centers;
  • Uncommon character transfer on the playing field;
  • Availability of an advantageous jackpot, in which your reward will increase by 7500 times.

One of the main privileges of "Boom Brothers" is that everyone can enjoy the game process "without registration" and free of charge. This will give a chance to check all the paths of the underworld, develop an optimal behavior strategy, better familiarize oneself with the merits and features of the emulator. 
As for the characters, then gamblers will meet here:

  • "Bomb" is a wild symbol. In the event of a winning combination, it replaces any other element except the scatter symbol. And if five bombs appear on the screen in the same strip - you hit the jackpot. This means that your profit will increase by 7,5 thousand times;
  • "Railtrack" is a scatter symbol or, as it is also called, a scatter. When five such signs appear on the active line: the gaming profit will multiply, and the bonus game will also open;
  • "Free Spins" - a known indicator of free spins, which is guaranteed to bring a triple multiplier of the prize (not active during the bonus game). This option is triggered when you receive 3 or more characters in one pay line;
  • "Brothers Boom" is a game symbol that, with a certain layout (five pictures - an account will increase by 500 rubles, four - in 100 rubles, three - in 50 rubles) will bring a pleasant financial reward;
  • The "gas lamp" is a classic element. If there are five images in the same active line at the same time, the profit will be a hundred times greater.

Here you will also find colorful images: a metal bucket, an ancient malleus for obtaining treasures, a protective helmet with a flashlight. The Boom Brothers slot machine is more than just a virtual device. This is a whole ocean of intricate stories, inexplicable puzzles, raising adrenaline of adventure.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

Gameplay in the machine “Boom Brothers” will take place on a five-drum, three-level field with 20 variations of lines for payments. The available ability to adjust the number of active lines for charging prizes allowed expanding the range of the total bet amount. Now for one rotation of the reels, you can set a bet, starting from a minimum value of 1 cent and up to a maximum of $ 100.
Prize accruals will be brought by each active line. Its maximum amount cannot exceed the multiplication rate on the line at x7500. To pay this prize, starting with the first coil on the left side of the field, you need to collect a continuous chain of three, four or five of the most expensive images. Less well-paid combinations will be formed in exactly the same way, only the gain in them varies from x5 to x500.

Lines & Reel Strips

Working on the creation of the gaming machine, the developers of NetEnt tried to make everything as unusual as possible.

  • This time, the five drums move on powerful chains, and the game symbols that drop out on 20 game lines are completely dependent on the whims of the rotations you've made.
  • The "Boom Brothers" start button is located right in the center of the game panel.
  • Here you can set the settings, both single spins, and the parameters of the auto-game.
  • In the process of the game, coins are used, the value of which can range from 1 cents to 1 euro.
  • The maximum stake is 100 coins.
  • The percentage of refunds made in the form of winnings is 96.4%.
  • The maximum winning amount is 120,000 coins.

The symbols with the inscription "Free Spin" appear in different places of the playing field in the main game mode. Three (and more) Free Spin runs the function of bonus free games. The number of free games will depend on the numbers that will be displayed on the symbols. During free games, all wins are multiplied by three. The exceptions are winnings during the bounce game and the re-activation of bonus free games.

Bonus Rounds

Slot “Boom Brothers” provides not only a bonus game, which consists of two levels, but also free bonus games, during which all your winnings will be multiplied by three. RailTrack bonus game:
If you managed to catch three symbols with the inscription "Railtrack" sequentially (from left to right) into the active play line, then the bonus game will be launched:

  • The symbols with the image of the rail can only be displayed on reels 1,2 and 3. In order to activate the bonus game, it is necessary that these symbols appear in consecutive positions from left to right, into the active play line;
  • After activating the bonus function, the first three reels form a rail track, and the last two rolls again;
  • To start the second part of the bonus game, it is necessary that on the remaining two reels (with a second rotation) there are symbols with a picture of the rail. In this case, we get 4 total bets and go to the second bonus game;
  • In case the symbol of the rail was caught only on the fourth reel, then we get three general bets and the bonus game is completed;
  • If upon any of the reels there is no rail symbol, then our bet will be doubled and the bonus round will be completed.

Continuation of the bonus game:

If the first bonus game successfully completed and the gnome rode on the rails, then it is possible move on to the second round of the bonus game. In the second bonus game of this slot, the player can win much more. The maximum winnings of 120,000 coins can be activated in this mode.

  • There are three gnomes before us. Each of them is in his cart. The player will receive the prize to which the gnome will come first;
  • At the bottom of the screen you see three trolleys;
  • Choosing one of the trolleys you will receive precious stones. Each of the stones corresponds to one of the gnomes;
  • As soon as one of the gnomes gets to the prize, he will be credited to your balance.

Variations of this slot

Slot "Boom Brothers" is available in two versions:

  • Demo version - allows players to train and not to spend real money;
  • A huge number of online casinos offer to play "Boom Brothers" for real money. To do this, you need to register and deposit money on your deposit.

Before proceeding to play for real money, be sure to study the demo version.

Rules and features

"Boom Brothers" slot is a game that includes 5 reels, 20 pay lines. It is possible to adjust all parameters. Correction of characteristics is carried out by clicking on the triangular arrows in the corresponding segments:

  • Lines - set the number of active lines. The device offers the possibility to select from 1 to 20;
  • Level - to determine the amount of coins in the bet on the line. The user can set 1-5 game units;
  • Coins Value - the value of coins in loans. The nominal value varies in the range of 0.01-1.

The total bet size is determined by the selection of the above parameters. The summary of the cost of rotation in the game units can be seen in the lower panel below the control panel. This displays the current balance status and the amount of winnings in the case of combinations.
The machine is started by three keys located in the center of the panel:

  • A round middle button that performs the Start function. It starts one revolution of drums with the parameters set by the user;
  • Auto play (to the left). This key activates the option of continuous coil rotations with the settings selected by the player. The user is offered the opportunity to determine the duration of the series within 10-1000 spins;
  • Max Bet (to the right). Instantly selects the maximum bet size and starts 1 turn. In this case, the “Boom Brothers” gaming unit activates all lines and installs 5 coins on the strip. But the indicators of monetary value are stored at the level chosen by the player.

In addition, the machine provides the ability to adjust user settings: rotation speed, display quality, presence / absence of sound. Expand the form of adjusting the indicators will click on the corresponding icons in the lower left part of the device.

History of “Boom Brothers”

“Boom Brothers” - a slot machine with exciting content, developed by experts of the legendary company Net Entertainment. This Scandinavian organization, founded in 1996, is a pioneer in creating entertainment for virtual casinos. Thanks to the latest equipment, creative and responsible approach to work, as well as the work of the best designers and programmers, this slot has appeared. This is a real present for fans to solve intricate puzzles, to search for lost treasures, to study ancient myths and giving.
The emulator "Boom Brothers" tells the story of how the three Bum brothers are engaged in land excavations in search of gold. The player has to go through this difficult, with many obstacles, the path of the treasure hunter to become the owner of unprecedented treasures. The road will be long and difficult, passing through the cold caves and intricate labyrinths of the dungeon. The wanderings are accompanied by the sounds of a collapsing rock, unexpectedly falling stones, which will surely cause your blood to rush faster through the veins, and your head is spinning with a feeling of approaching danger. In this case, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, since the main characters of the Boom Brothers know the secrets of pyrotechnics well, that's why they are coping well with explosives. Any wall will fall for a second thanks to the use of TNT, which will allow the gamer to freely enter places filled with luxurious precious stones and gold.


The graphical part of the online slot “Boom Brothers” looks pretty mystical, and even a bit gloomy. This is different from other gambling machines. You can play for free and without registering in the slot "Boom Brothers" by NetEnt in any chosen casino. By betting on money, casino players will be able to get the win quickly, with the help of a wild symbol, which is in the "Boom Brothers" slots game. The soundtrack of this machine is filled with various original and frightening sounds, as well as an abundance of mysterious melodies.